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Yoga By Degrees

yoga-by-degreesDon't miss a workout just because you are traveling. With classes ranging from beginner to advanced, Yoga By Degrees is a great way to stay on track during your vacation. At DoubleTree by Hilton Chicago - Oak Brook we understand the importance of fitness and are now offering complimentary shuttle service to and from Yoga By Degrees to make sure your workout doesn't skip a beat!

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No need to book ahead of time! Just arrive at the studio 15 minutes prior to the class. Show your hotel key to receive the specialty discount rate of $15 for a single class or $135 for a 10 pack.

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If you would prefer to purchase your package ahead of time, click below and use promo codes GuestClass for a single class and Guest10Class to purchase a 10 pack.

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Why Yoga?

Do you use stress management techniques? Or does stress manage you? Whether you feel pressure from work, family, relationships or busy schedules, you may experience a good deal of stress or anxiety. Most likely the things that put pressure on you are important to your life so dealing with the stress is a better alternative to deleting one of those valued assets.

Types of Stress: Your stress reaction may be energizing, you feel your heartbeat quicken and your face flush. On the other hand, your stress reaction may be exhausting, you feel drained and shut down. Stress is always a constant guarantee in life so the trick is to manage your reaction to it. You have the power to dictate exactly how you feel in any situation.

Yoga can help balance stress: Studies suggest that yoga conditions our nervous system to bring us into a state of balance when dealing with stress. For some we need more fire and others need more calm. Discover the balance between the fiery reaction and the exhausting one.

Navigate stress with yoga: Let the voice in your head that pushes you be as strong as the voice that nurtures you. Respond to anxiety with a blend of inner fire and inner calm. According to Yoga by Degrees Teacher, Colleen Taylor, “Yoga can be a training ground for lengthening the time between your emotional reaction and a stressor. You can train with a fiery practice of challenging yoga poses but having enough discipline to feel calm and still within. When the demanding physical practice is met with mindfulness, breath control, and calm you are able to find that balance.”

Discover your stress reflex through self-study: There’s no need to activate your fight or flight response to handle most of the day-to-day challenges. The fight or flight response kicks your autonomic nervous system into high gear. Your body will pump hormones like cortisol and norepinephrine which will increase your heart rate, blood pressure, and heighten your senses. This would be great if you were being chased by a lion so you are primed with energy and focus. However, when you are experiencing it in the form of road rage, the fight or flight response brings on anger, anxiety, and aggression. On the other hand, you may be able to relax but only if you disengage from your stress. The trick is to find enough fire to meet the challenge rather than letting it overwhelm you.

Yoga isn’t about burning your way through stress or escaping from it. It goes deeper so your mind and body transform the way you approach and react to stress. This process takes practice and patience. Retrain your thought patterns and teach your nervous system new ways of coping and navigating through challenging poses both on and off the mat.

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